Sailing To Escudo de Veraguas

The first day starts in Bocas Del Toro with a glass of prosecco and a platter of locally grown fruit. A gentle sail through the archipelago with 360° views of crystal clear water and lush tropical islands, teeming with wildlife, takes you to the open caribbean sea. As the sails fill with a fresh ocean breeze, the fishing lines are deployed with the hopes of landing a Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi or Tuna which will be flame grilled on the BBQ for dinner. While the boat glides through the turquoise water the restaurant-quality food and drinks makes the day even more special. Arriving in Escudo de Veraguas is an event in itself as the captain navigates the boat into a little bay where the ocean state is calm, to ensure your comfort. The magic of the anchorage and surrounding beaches and caves keeps you entertained for the rest of the day, finishing the day with the fresh fish caught on the way.

The second day starts with a stunning sunrise as the island around you starts coming to life. A cup of coffee and a quick splash in the tempered water is the perfect way to start the day. Enjoy a delicious breakfast while the captain prepares the inflatable for the day’s adventure. The day is spent driving around the island with a cooler packed full of cold beer and delicious treats and admiring the spectacular surroundings; creeks, waterways, beaches, reefs, sloths – words cannot describe the beauty of this island. After a day of pure bliss and the surprise of coming around the corner to where the boat is anchored, we enjoy some light music, a cold drink and a platter that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds on board – marking the end of the island tour. The captain loads up the inflatable again with spearfishing gear and sets off to catch a dogtooth snapper for dinner. After dinner and a hot shower the comfortable cabins provide much needed rest.

The last day is reserved for relaxing and enjoying the island after the previous day’s adventure and can be spent stand up paddle boarding, getting free-dive/ spearfishing lessons, snorkeling, swimming or just relaxing on a floating mat. After dinner it is time to say goodbye to the island as the anchor is raised, the sails hoisted and we sail back to Bocas Town overnight. The experience of sailing during the night with the sun setting behind you and the stars appearing ahead is just magical!

Thank you Escudo de Veraguas!!!

4 thoughts on “Sailing To Escudo de Veraguas”

  1. Josh Tetzloff

    This sail to escudo is one of the most fun adventures I’ve been on in my life! The beauty of Escudo, which for me is the most beautiful location in Panama, is truly world class. Add in a captain who knows all the spots to check out and is a true professional, you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Marianne Allen

    My lovely daughter treated me to birthday sailing to Las Zapatilla Islands on the Aventura. From the marvelous hospitality to cavorting in a school of Angel fish, my time with Surfnsail was a lifetime adventure indeed. You put the meaning in carpe diem.

  3. I’m ready to do this again!!! Thank you for the best charter experience ever!!

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